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The five Best Google Certificates Courses for career shifting.

by Nadine
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You can obtain courses from Coursera.com may be unfamiliar to you, so It is generally recommended to use Google certificates. According to Google, there was a problem with Finding qualified personnel for certain jobs. The positions were not filled due to a lack of candidates. Applicants must possess the necessary skills to fill these vacancies. As a result of having to manage a number of positions, As a matter of fact, Google has been suffering from this for a very long time When they became tired, they decided to Develop their own certificate program.

The purpose of this training is to teach people how to use Certain skills that were required.

Does obtaining a Google certificate make sense?

This video included many pros and cons, as well as a great deal of nuance. The explanation it provides for this one will not be as nuanced. It will simply state the following in this instance, Give you a list of Google certifications, review them, and what is positive about them. Here are the top free and paid Google certification courses you should consider taking:

Google Certificates Courses

Google Project Management Certificate

Without a doubt, Google certifications and certificates are of the highest quality.

In accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), A variety of certificates and certifications are recommended on the U.S. government’s website, among which project management is one of the most valuable.

A project manager’s primary responsibility is to 

  • ensure that the project stays on schedule
  • Completion of the work in a timely manner and achievement of the objectives
  • Goals were set at the beginning, and they have been achieved
  • The project was completed within budget constraints.  

In accordance with the Google Project Management Certificate website, this program provides the opportunity to begin a career as a project manager. Through the acquisition of in-demand skills, this course will assist you in securing a job in the near future.

Within six months. Having no college degree, Experience is essential. Let me say this

Right, that is an extremely bold statement Google has made a claim, and although I will say it

Google is one of my favorite companies Certificates are something that a lot of people try to obtain, When comparing them to college degrees,

Google Project Management Certificates

As a result, there can be no comparison. They are different.

It would be more accurate to compare Certifications from a variety of sources From a career path to a college degree Even then, it wouldn’t be perfectly compared. However, with that in mind, please consider the following:

  • The Google project management certificate is entirely online. It is possible to accomplish this.
  • It is a beginner-level course conducted remotely.
  • According to them, the process takes approximately six months. Based on my experience, you should be able to finish this within one to two months.
  • According to Google, there are 479 000 project manager jobs in the United States. 
  • U.S. entry-level salaries average $73,500. In the United States, 
  • 75 percent of Google career certificate graduates report an improvement in their career trajectory within six months of completing the certificate. That’s a little vague. I wish they’d be more specific and talk about each individual certificate.

How do people evaluate Google Project management courses?

However, if you look up the reviews from other sources on the internet, they are usually very helpful, and if you look up the reviews on Coursera itself, you’ll see that :

  • the first class has a 4.9 rating, out of 35000 ratings
  • the second class 4.8, 
  • the third class 4.8, 
  • the fourth class 4.8, 
  • the fifth class 4.8, 
  • and the sixth class 4.8. out of 2500 ratings.

So those are very high ratings, and another thing to note is the first class has 35000 ratings, whereas the sixth class only has 2500. so a lot of people enroll in the first class but do not complete it. In essence, they give up before they reach the end, and that is fine, and that is where certificates have a lot of value. When you take the certificate, you get an opportunity to sample what you will be doing in your future career. If you do not like it, you may not want to continue in that field. You did not waste four years of your life earning a college degree, which is an excellent achievement. You wasted maybe a couple of weeks taking the first class in a series of classes. You’re also able to do this at a very discounted price because Coursera is super cheap. Just type it in on Google it’s very easy to find.

Google UX designer certificate.

Google Ux Designer Certificate

Generally, that’s a pretty smart choice, especially if you’re an artist and you’re interested in getting paid for your work. The UX side of UX UI is much more analytical, but many times you get your foot in the door by doing the analytical side. Later on, you can pivot more into the UI side, where you use your artistic skills. This is another beginner-level certificate. They say it takes approximately six months to complete, and they claim that after completing this course you will be able to obtain a job in UX design. However, I do think it will help you to get a job, and I also think you’ll finish this in less than six months. Again, I’m skeptical about this, but I think it will help you get a job. UX design stands for user experience, and according to Google, there are currently 99000 jobs in the U.S. for UX design.

User interface design is what we call UI design. Courses are available in seven different categories, and all have a 4.8 star rating. Another really cool thing about this is that sometimes colleges will accept these certificates as credits, so if you take this certificate first and complete it, you can actually transfer in mini-credits.

The Google Associate Android developer certification course.

Basically, this is an associate course in Android programming, and you will learn the Kotlin language used to program Android apps, which you would see on your phone. Upon completion of the education on the website, you would return to Google.com and apply for the final exam. You will then receive your certification. Although it differs slightly from a certificate, they are essentially the same. There is an examination at the end of the course. As a result, you would be able to assist in developing apps for the Android store, which is another skill set that is lacking in many people.

The Google data analytics certificate.

Google Data Analytics Certificate
  • This is another one that takes approximately six months to obtain.
  • It is considered entry-level,
  • takes less than six months,
  • and is designed to prepare you for a career as a data analyst.

Is this better than getting a degree or attending a boot camp? As a comparison, it is apples to oranges. However, with that being said, it is an excellent way to try out data analytics and see if you like it. All that are data analysts agree that it is excellent. It has a very positive reputation, and according to Google,

  • there are 380000 job openings,
  • with a median entry-level salary of $74, 000.

How to succeed as a Google Associate Android developer?

The overall rating for this course is 4.8 stars. According to my experience, this job requires a little bit more study than others. It’s a big-brain job. In addition to knowing your stuff, you have to know

  • some Python SQL, or whatever programming language you use.
  • Also, you need to be extremely proficient in Excel,

Generally, people think that learning data analytics should begin with Python, but Google’s smart, and they probably have a very specific reason for doing that. Apparently, the Google data analytics course is really helpful. If nothing else, it’s a convenient way to dip into data analytics and see if it’s something you might enjoy.

IT support certificate from Google

  • Overall, it has a 4.8 Star rating.
  • It has been rated by 128,000 people.
  • The program is beginner-friendly,
  • flexible, and easy to use.
  • You can do everything online.
  • They say it takes six months, but let’s face it, you could probably do it in a month.
  • In addition, they claim there are 400 000 IT jobs at entry level,
  • earning 52,000 US $ median salaries.
Google It Support Certificate

Particularly in IT, this is definitely one where you wouldn’t want to just get a certificate. It’s a very challenging certificate, so there are other certificates that you’d want to get, but with that being said this is a phenomenal way for you to start into it, and see if you like it in a very flexible way, that if you don’t like it you can very easily roll out, and you didn’t risk a lot, and in my opinion, I’ve searched over many different types of education, and especially what I’m passionate about is alternative education, which is what certificates offer


This is for those who wish to try shifting to entry-level careers and see if it is something they are interested in, and then, after they have gained a solid foundation, they can move forward to the next steps.

Additionally, there are those who are already employed but wish to acquire additional skills. You can make either a vertical or horizontal shift. Certificates and certifications offer a true value proposition. This is the only way you will be disappointed by these Google certificates, in my opinion. I believe that they are not a replacement for online courses that are comprehensive, such as a boot camp or a college degree, but if they are used as an alternative to online courses

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