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Best YouTube Channel Ideas – Top 15 Niches For More Subscribers

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Are you thinking of starting a YouTube channel but aren’t sure where to start? Finding your niche is a vital component of being successful on YouTube, whether you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel or having trouble getting views on your current videos.

YouTube channel ideas (niches) can help you increase channel engagement and join the YouTube creator community.

Continue reading to learn about the most popular YouTube genres right now, as well as examples of videos to get you started.

1. YouTube comedy channels

The first category is YouTube channel ideas for comedy. These YouTubers are known for providing unique content that makes their audience laugh and entertains them. YouTube comedy channels are incredibly popular and enjoyable, whether they engage with normal people, create skits, or compile a collection of funny videos. To distinguish out on YouTube, comedy YouTube channel niches frequently use a unique video editing style such as jump cuts, slow motion, or inserting humorous music.

2. YouTube animation channels

Animation Self-made digital photos and talk videos are shared by YouTube creators. They’re usually short-form videos with images, animated text, and voiceovers that tell an entertaining tale. Digital drawings, sketches, and cartoons are sometimes used as animations.

3. YouTube beauty channels

Beauty Youtube Channel

Makeup, skincare, beauty goods, and cosmetics can all be discussed on beauty channels. These beauty influencers set trends in their communities and frequently collaborate with companies and sponsors.

4. Educational Channels

Education Youtube Channel

Individuals use YouTube to seek answers to their issues.

So it’s only natural to build videos to assist viewers in obtaining those answers and educating themselves.

Anyone who wants to learn online, from students to adults, turns to YouTube videos. This is because educational videos are freely available on YouTube. Therefore, if you want to teach your fellow residents, an instructional channel is the way to go.

5. YouTube channels dedicated to conspiracies

Theory of conspiracy YouTubers may be divisive, but their videos are extremely entertaining. These YouTubers debunk myths about historical events, circumstances, actual locations, movies, and celebrities.

6. YouTube fashion channels

Fashion Youtube Channel

Who doesn’t enjoy a stylish look book on YouTube? YouTube fashionistas have made keeping up with the newest fashion trends a breeze. These designers give fashion advice, trends, dupes, and dos and don’ts. In this YouTube niche, styling videos, PR unboxings, and voiceover videos are frequently popular.

7. YouTube ASMR channels

The popularity of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos has recently risen. These videos convey the impression that viewers are experiencing bodily sensations when they are watching a clip. This style of the film can help viewers relax and unwind. To get the highest audio quality, most filmmakers use an external microphone to record their videos.

8. YouTube cooking channels

Cooking Youtube Channel

YouTube has you covered if you want to learn how to cook or find a new recipe. This type of YouTube channel may educate viewers on everything they need to know about cooking, acquiring new kitchen skills, and preparing meals quickly. Restaurants and cafes can promote their companies on YouTube.

9. YouTube channels with daily vlogs

Creators of daily vlogs show their viewers their daily lives. Their subscribers want to watch anything they’re doing, whether it’s fun or boring. These YouTube channels offer guidance, daily routines, and personal glimpses into their lives. They’re also one of the simplest YouTube genres to edit, requiring only basic editing methods such as trim and animated text.

10. YouTube gaming channels

Gaming channels are becoming more popular. In 2021, YouTube will have over 40 million active gaming channels with over 100 billion watch time hours. Gaming videos are screen recordings or live stream recordings of someone playing a video game online.

11. Web-based series

The human brain is programmed to respond to well-crafted stories. The best method to captivate people’s attention, bake information into their memory, and build intimate, personal ties is through storytelling, according to neuroscience. We’re wired to seek out and crave excellent stories, and that won’t change.

You can get people hooked on your material by structuring your YouTube channel like a television season and weaving your videos into a narrative-driven series, just like your favorite Netflix show.

12. Album Reviews

Because new music is created every day, this popular channel concept has limitless potential. For the past decade, YouTuber Anthony Fantano has been reviewing both well-known and obscure records across a wide spectrum of musical genres, earning a cult following for his candid judgments. While his videos have amassed millions of views, they are relatively simple to create. If you have a musical ear, you’d be astonished at how many people are interested in hearing what you have to say.

Review Video On Youtube

13. Self-Assistance

Helping individuals solve their problems is another method to increase brand loyalty and emotion for your channel. You can give folks advice regarding frequent issues that you’ve encountered or that they ask about, whether it’s about their career or personal life. However, make sure you have a lot of information, education, or personal experience with these subjects. People will lose faith in you if they believe you are a quack.

14. Organizing and Cleaning

House cleaning ideas and reorganization to make a home more appealing are typically aimed toward large family households, but even single persons might benefit from them. Making movies on difficult-to-clean messes or disorganized clothing bins can inspire viewers to do the same.

15. Minimalism

Last year, the world experienced enormous change, with increasing time spent at home is one of those shifts. As people sought to make their homes more delightful, the popularity of decluttering and minimalism grew, and documenting your minimalist advice could assist others on their travels. Corey Jones gives minimalist suggestions on everything from home décor to wardrobe to the equipment he uses to film his material.

Finally, Beginner YouTube Channel Ideas:

Youtube Channels Ideas For Beginners

1. ‘Favorites’ Video

Every person who watches YouTube regularly is a consumer in some way. Starting your channel with something as basic as showcasing your favorite games, collectibles, or other items could help viewers decide where to put their money. These videos are especially beneficial for small channels because the YouTuber’s honesty is more trusted than generating paid material for brands.

As long as there is news in pop culture or world affairs, a channel dedicated simply to news commentary can swiftly develop if done consistently. In less than three years, D’Angelo Wallace rose to fame on YouTube by offering his take on breaking news and cultural events. Starting a channel on trending news conversations could be a smart place to start if you have a camera and a good microphone.

3. Response Videos

If you’re watching the newest sporting event or the season finale of a gripping television series, you’re probably not the only one who is giddy with anticipation. This video genre is popular because viewers want to connect with others or feel like they’re sharing an experience with them.

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