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How to get the community tab on YouTube? – Step By Step

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With nine out of ten marketers aiming to incorporate YouTube in their marketing strategy in 2022, capturing your audience’s attention is more vital than ever. One of the most effective methods to accomplish this is to establish community among your viewers.

YouTube’s community tab is one of the most effective ways for creators to connect with their audience.

How to get the community tab on YouTube?

Learn how to get your own YouTube Community Tab and how to use it to establish relationships, increase subscriptions, and increase watch time by continuing reading.

Beyond video, artists may use the YouTube Community Tab to communicate with their audience in a more conversational approach. In between video uploads, this stream of updates, which can contain text, gifs, polls, and photographs, is a simple method to keep fans interested.

Fans can leave comments on posts, like or dislike them, and share them with their social media networks. And with that, a functioning community has been established.

Our human existence is incomplete without community. The way we participate in our communities has altered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

YouTube, according to SproutSocial, has taken up this role. “YouTube material connects with viewers in a way that makes them feel as though they’re living what they’re viewing.” This is an essential technique to let individuals feel connected to their passions, hobbies, and normal activities after a year of a global epidemic.

How to Create a YouTube Community Tab?

How To Create A Youtube Community Tab

Your YouTube channel must have over 1000 subscribers to receive a Community tab, and it may take up to a week for the Community page to appear after you meet that criteria.

Allow custom channel layouts to see the Community tab if your channel has more than 1000 followers.

How to Make a YouTube Community Post?

It’s time to start publishing and participating with your audience once you’ve gained access to the Community tab. Making a post is straightforward and similar to making a post on any other social media platform.

To make a Community post, go to:

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Select ‘Upload’ at the top of the page, then ‘Create a post.’
  • To make a text post, type a message or choose to include a video, poll, gif, or image. You can also use the @ sign followed by the channel name to mention other channels.
  • Select ‘Publish.’

Your subscribers will see your content in their feed after it is published. They may also receive notification that you’ve made a new post.

Where is the Community Tab on YouTube?

Where Is The Community Tab On Youtube

If they have it enabled, you may find the Community tab on each creator’s webpage.

  • To visit a channel’s main page on a desktop, click on its name.
  • Then, in the center of the screen, select Community. You’ll find all of their most recent postings here, along with the ability to comment and engage with them.
  • The Community tab will not appear in the mobile browser, so you’ll have to use the official YouTube app to see it. Visit a channel’s home page after you’ve opened YouTube. The Community tab will be available at the top of their page.

How to Use the YouTube Community Tab in 7 Different Ways

One of the most significant YouTube channel metrics is engagement. Your audience will watch more videos, share more, and return if they are more engaged. You can develop your following and create a community around your content and business if you use the Community option to its full potential. This is how.

1. Share behind-the-scenes videos and updates.

While your films may have been meticulously produced, planned, and edited, many viewers want producers to be genuine. You can post more informal updates on your Community tab. For sneak peeks or personal updates, use this format.

2. Take notice of and respond to feedback

Use a heart to demonstrate appreciation for a viewer’s comments when reviewing your community comments.

Depending on their settings, the viewer may receive a notification, and they will be able to see that you liked their comment.

Responding to comments starts a dialogue and strengthens your relationship with your audience. Don’t get too wrapped up in responding to every comment on your channel; nevertheless, taking the time to read and respond to a handful can demonstrate that you’re paying attention.

When a comment piques your interest, whether it’s from a VIP or simply something you’d like to promote, you can pin it to the top of the comments. When other people look at your community posts, it will be the first thing they see.

4. Promote a video created in partnership with another creator.

Is a YouTuber truly a YouTuber until they’ve collaborated with another creator? Make sure you both post about your shared project on your Community tab after you’ve uploaded it. It’s a fantastic way to increase your channel’s traffic and audience.

How To Use The Youtube Community Tab

5. Ask your viewers what kind of video they’d like to see next.

Learn what your viewers want from your channel. Request comments on upcoming videos or conduct a poll regarding an upcoming competition.

In their most recent poll about the 2021 Rocket Richard Trophy, Sportsnet received almost 124,000 votes.

6. Use a @mention to thank a fan or fellow creator.

Mention a fan or another creator to spread the word and increase the number of people who see your videos. Popular channels frequently choose a fan to thank at the end of their videos. Another location where you can build these relationships is the Community tab.

7. Make “members only” posts public.

You can choose to generate posts that are private to your channel members if you offer Channel Memberships (a paid subscription to your channel where “viewers make monthly payments in exchange for access to exclusive badges, personalized emojis, and other goodies”).

This is a fantastic method to express gratitude for their support while also providing them with more options to interact with your channel.

CONCLUSION – Creating a YouTube Community

Creating A Youtube Community

When I began looking for examples for this article, I found that many authors aren’t making full use of the Community tab.

The ability to upload changes and send out notifications to subscribers is really powerful! Because you have a captive audience, keep them informed as often as possible, even if you don’t have time to submit an entire video.

Maintain your focus on what your followers want, and you’ll quickly build a loyal following.

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