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Digital asset management programs (DAM) – The Best in 2022

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In this digital age, digital asset management (DAM) is crucial. It’s so important that it’s now officially part of the match conversation. As more businesses expand, scale, and digitize, their digital assets — videos, audios, photos, documents, and creative files — rise in number. There is no better method to manage these digital assets than using DAM software.

What exactly is digital asset management software? (DAM)

What Exactly Is Dam Software

DAM software or digital asset management tools helps you to upload, store, organize, manage, share, and track all of your digital assets from a single location. And it’s usually available at any time, from any location, and on any device, making it ideal for people on the go. Backup and syncing are performed regularly to ensure that all of your files are secure and secured. Furthermore, with these technologies, administrative users can allow or restrict access to certain files by specific roles, providing you with complete control over your assets. DAM software is also used to archive historical digital assets as well as to automate and streamline current content and creative activities.

DAM software comes in a variety of types.

Dam Software Comes In A Variety Of Types

Before we begin, it’s crucial to note that DAM systems come in a variety of types, including Brand Asset Management systems, Library Asset Management systems, Production Asset Management systems, and Digital Supply Chain services.

Let us introduce you to each of them in detail:

  • Systems focusing on marketing and sales materials, such as digital asset management for photographers, logos, and other marketing collateral, are referred to as brand asset management systems.
  • Library Asset Management systems: These systems are more concerned with the storage and retrieval of vast amounts of infrequently changing media assets.
  • Production Asset Management systems: systems that focus on the storage, organization, and revision control of frequently changing material.
  • Digital Supply Chain Services: These are services that focus on supplying content to digital retailers.

The Advantages of Digital Asset Management Software

The Advantages Of Digital Asset Management Software

Digital Asset Management software allows you to easily oversee and digital asset management best practices throughout their entire lifecycle, from creation to archival. These forms of software also ensure that your digital assets are safe, secure, and never lost. Aside from easy access, control, and security, they allow you to retain brand consistency by allowing everyone in your company to access all of the same digital assets in one spot.

1. Assets in Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe’s DAM, dubbed Adobe Experience Manager Assets, is a fantastic tool for managing all of your content and assets on a single platform — at the speed of a cloud-native solution. Because Assets is cloud-native, it can automatically grow to meet traffic and processing demands, allowing it to be highly responsive to change. Users of this DAM software can construct workflows for planning, designing, reviewing, approving, and publishing, as well as manage digital rights and collaborate with teams via the Adobe Asset Link feature.

2. Brandfolder

Brandfolder is a well-known, all-purpose digital asset management platform that counts Under Armour, Slack, and Snap among its clients. It allows users to upload, save, organize, and share all of their digital and branded assets, as well as an unlimited number of files, from a single safe location. The software employs many levels of security to safeguard all of your files and back them up regularly. It also has AI picture recognition, auto-tagging, configurable custom fields, and other features. Brandfolder provides tailored programs and rates based on the size and needs of your business.

3. Bynder

Spotify, Canon, Puma, and other multinational brands use Bynder, a popular digital asset management tool. It enables users to automate creative operations through the use of versioning, annotations, and customized approval paths. Bynder also provides simple brand templates for users to use when creating fresh marketing content directly on the site. It integrates with a variety of third-party software, like Magento, Google Analytics, and others. Its Android and iOS apps are also a plus.

4. Bright

Bright provides two types of DAM software: one for medium to big organizations (Asset Bank) and one for SMEs and startups (Asset Manager) (Dash). It is one of the few DAM software providers that provides both a web-based and an on-premise, end-to-end experience. The software includes a variety of capabilities, such as bulk upload and numerous lightboxes, to assist you in uploading, storing, centralizing, managing, and tracking all of your digital assets. The Advanced Download option is particularly unusual in that it allows you to customize existing files by selecting the format, altering the quality, or shrinking them before downloading them as individual files. There is also an integrated content management system to help you improve your workflows. Another significant advantage for individuals on a tight budget is that its costs are more competitive and inexpensive than others.

5. Cloudinary

Cloudinary is a cloud-based, end-to-end DAM platform that has clients including Vogue, Buzzfeed, and Virgin. It uses AI to automatically tag assets such as photographs based on color, faces, and objects, making them easier to search for and recover. Furthermore, Cloudinary allows you to create roles and define access depending on those roles to facilitate seamless cooperation with internal and external parties. It not only stores manage and share your assets, but it also tracks analyses and reports on how your digital assets are functioning. The best part is that it now offers a free plan to get started!


6. Libris Digital

Libris Digital is a digital agency that provides a digital asset management system with a rich range of capabilities. The powerful graphics engine in this utility allows you to alter the photo resolution, color space, file format, and more – all right within the software.

Libris supports a wide range of formats and allows you to share videos with other users in lightboxes without having to download the files.

Having said that, it’s fantastic for centralizing all of your digital assets in one location, with access to them via the web or a shared drive on your PC. Furthermore, the program is very scalable based on the size of your organization.

7. Image Relay

Image Relay is digital asset management software that allows you to not only store, organize, and manage your digital assets, but also develop asset profiles around individual assets to differentiate them. Asset profiles capture each file’s unique details, contexts, and uses, allowing you to rapidly access the relevant files. Furthermore, its versioning tool displays different versions and histories of your assets, and you can even revert to previous versions. The amazing thing about Image Relay is that it has a startup-friendly, low-cost plan for small and growing teams that starts at $99 per month. G2 has also rated this tool as having the best usability.

8. Widen

Widen is enterprise-grade digital asset management software that goes beyond the capabilities of a standard centralized, shared digital content library. This DAM platform allows customers to effortlessly share their information over the web, delivers strong content analytics, and even automates marketing activities. Furthermore, the program integrates with a wide range of platforms, including social media, content management, and marketing automation. Because Widen is based on AWS, its cloud architecture is also secure and scalable.

9. Extensis Portfolio

Portfolio by Extensis is DAM software with a clean, modern user interface and dashboard. It uses its Smart Automation function to organize your digital assets automatically, add precise keywords, extract metadata, and construct processes. Furthermore, the software includes a feature called “Flexible Organization,”. which allows you to construct catalogs and folders based on the demands of your organization.

The portfolio is not only simple to use, but it is also highly adaptable since it can be put on-premise or off-premise on cloud servers such as AWS, Azure, and others.

10. Panopto

Panopto is a major DAM software company that specializes in enterprise video. It allows organizations and colleges all around the world to publish, host, and exchange videos in a safe, private YouTube-like environment. Users can also record and edit videos directly within the software. Live streaming on a large scale is also supported. The video search feature, on the other hand, is probably one of the best features, as it allows you to search any terms uttered or that appear on screen in videos.


Digital Programs Conclusion

Begin organizing your digital assets with the appropriate DAM software!

It’s time to change the way your firm maintains its priceless digital assets. In no time, you will have total and effortless control and access to the whole lifecycle of all your digital assets in one spot. Furthermore, all of your digital assets will be safe and secure. Remember to maximize your brand consistency to get the most out of it.

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