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Factory Reset Google Wi-Fi – Easy Ways

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If you’re having problems with one of your Google WiFi routers or need to delete all of your settings, you should do a soft reset or factory reset on your Google WiFi. In this article, I’ll go through both techniques, but first, here’s a quick rundown of how to execute a soft reset on a Google WiFi router.

To reset a Google WiFi device, unplug the gadget’s micro USB connector to turn off the power. Alternately, you can turn it off at the wall. This does a soft reset that does not erase any data. The Google Home app is used to perform a factory reset.

Other things to do with Google Wifi include resetting the password, resetting the IP address, and learning how to reset the DHCP. I’ll go over all of them below, beginning with how to perform a factory reset on Google Wifi.

Resetting a Google WiFi Router

Resetting a Google WiFi Router

There are two ways to execute a factory reset.

The Google Home app is the most convenient, but you can also do it simply by holding it down on the WiFi router. This is how both of these procedures are carried out.

A factory reset and a soft reset are the two types of resets available on Google WiFi. A soft reset is a fantastic place to start because it can repair a huge proportion of problems without erasing all of your device’s data and settings. If it doesn’t work, perform a factory reset as described below.

As stated at the beginning of this post, a soft reset on a Google WiFi router is accomplished by disconnecting the power. Skip to the next topic below for more information on how to perform a factory reset, including a video demonstration. Google WiFi routers are powered by a cable that connects to the wall and then to the Google WiFi router via a micro USB port.

If your wall outlet does not have an on/off switch, you can either turn it off at the wall or pull it out at the wall.

Alternatively, you can remove the micro USB cord from the back of the Google WiFi router. This will turn off the Google WiFi router.

Then plug it back in, and it will power up again. Google Wifi routers use software that may be accessed via the Google Home App.

When you turn off the power, the program will reload. Similar to rebooting a computer, you can get a frozen computer to work again.

How to Reset a Google Router to Factory Settings

How to Reset a Google Router to Factory Settings

A factory reset erases all of your current settings, and you must go through the setup procedure all over again. This is important, though, if you’re experiencing problems with your Google router that haven’t been resolved by a soft reset, or for a variety of other reasons. This is how to perform a factory reset:

The simplest method is to use the Google Wifi app. You can reset only one Google Router or all Google Routers on the network. To reset everything, open the Google Home app and navigate to Wi-Fi > Settings > Factory reset > OK.

Although the video title indicates that it is for an extension router, this method also works for the Google WiFi that is hooked into your modem. This is also the way that Google recommends on their official help website for Google Wifi devices.

How to Change the Password on Google WiFi

A Google WiFi has a WiFi connection password that you use to connect devices such as computers and smartphones to a Google WiFi. If you need to reset or alter it, you can do so via the Google Home app, as seen below:

Reset it using the Google Home app by going to Wi-Fi, Show Password, Edit, and Change Password. This will then prompt you to enter a new password. Then, click Save to store the new password.

After that, you can connect to it using a device such as a smartphone. You choose the Google Home network from your device’s WiFi settings and enter the new password you just made.

Google WiFi IP Address Reset

Sometimes the same IP address is assigned to two separate devices. As a result, one or both devices will be unable to connect to the Google WiFi’s WiFi connection. To resolve this issue, you must reset the Google WiFi IP address, as detailed below:

This is accomplished using the Google Home app. Select Wi-Fi > Settings (cogwheel icon) > Restart network from the Google Home app. To update the IP address of a device connected to your Google WiFi, go to its settings.

On a smartphone, for example, you can go into settings and alter the IP address. And, as you may be aware, you may update your Windows computer’s IP address with the ubiquitous /config renew command

Reset DHCP on Google WiFi

Reset DHCP on Google WiFi

If you reside in an apartment building or have close neighbors, the WiFi signals may interfere, thus it’s a good idea to alter the DHCP range. This is accomplished by resetting the DHCP; on a Google WiFi, this is accomplished by resetting the DHCP. This is what you should do:

Make use of the Google Home app. Tap on the Wifi nodes or node, depending on how many you have connected, in the app. Choose the primary node, the one that is linked to the router (the main node). Then go to Settings > Advanced networking > LAN > DHCP Address Pool > delete the existing DHCP settings.

After that, return to the list of WiFi notes and select restart network.’ This will restart the DHCP server and assign a new one. You can also provide a custom DHCP Address Pool range.

Finally, What to Do If the Google WiFi Reset Button Doesn’t Work?

The reset button approach is the simplest way to perform a factory reset on Google WiFi. However, if that does not work, there is another method you can try. Here’s another method, as explained by Google.

If the reset button does not work, use the Google Home app to reset your Google Wifi. To reset a single Google Wifi device from the app, pick Wi-Fi, then ‘Settings,’ then ‘Factory reset Wifi point,’ then OK. The steps for resetting all devices are provided below.

To clear all gadgets Open the Google Home app, then pick Wi-Fi, then ‘Settings,’ then ‘Factory reset,’ and finally OK. According to the instructions, this simply looks to reset the Wi-Fi settings, however, it also resets your Google WiFi equipment.

To soft reset, a Google WiFi device, unhook it from power, remove the micro USB cable from the rear, or unplug it from the wall. To perform a factory reset, launch the Google Home app and navigate to Wi-Fi > Settings > Factory reset > OK.

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