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How to attract a woman who is not interested? – 5 Simple ways

by Nadine
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To be honest, all women enjoy playing hard to get from time to time. They understand that pretending they aren’t interested in a man just makes them more appealing.
Now the dilemma is, how can one attract a woman who is either uninterested or seems to be uninterested?
Of course, you can’t change someone’s feelings, but you may do something to make them change their minds and fall in love with you right away.
Continue reading for expert relationship advice on how to get a girl who isn’t interested in you to fall in love with you.

1. Body communication

Body Communication

As you are probably aware, body language is extremely important.
If you approach a female with the attitude of a guy who isn’t sure why he approached her in the first place, you won’t get far with her.
This also applies to a female who might like you, so imagine your odds with one who isn’t interested at all.
Body language and self-confidence are important factors in the game of love.
Even before you start a discussion with a lady you like, she will be able to detect if you like her or not if you utilize your body language correctly.
This means you should sit as close to her as possible, touch her whenever possible, and do it in such a way that she doesn’t think of you as a creep, but rather that you send chills down her spine.

How do you go about doing that?


So, instead of touching her improperly, wait for the right opportunity to lift her hair away from her face, or assist her in putting on her jacket.
Consider minor details that will make her think of you as compassionate and loving.
What you should not do is be aggressive, which means that if you try to touch her and she pulls back, you should immediately back off.
That will give the message to her that your purpose is to make her feel at ease around you, not terrified.
One other essential thing will result from this: she won’t be able to friendzone you because she’ll realize you’re not just there to be her friend.
Take note of your posture as well.
Straight shoulders and back, body facing her – all of these are indications to her that you want to be there with her and impress her.
Men are known to be hunters and relish the chase, so make it clear to her that you are just interested in her you don’t want her to think she is simply another lady on your list.
If you talk to her while gazing about the room, she might believe you’re looking for a way out, which won’t get you anywhere.
Remember that displaying confident body language is the most effective approach to attract a gorgeous woman.

2. Make eye contact

Make Eye Contact

Facial expressions and eye contact are two other types of body language to be aware of.
Consider the possibility that she is watching you. You’re staring at your phone, the door, and the people across the bar. What does she think of you right now?
By acting in this manner, you give her the idea that you are bored and can’t wait for the talk with her to be over.
She’ll think you’re nasty and worse, you’ll make her think she’s boring and uninteresting.
The worst thing you can do is to undermine her self-esteem.
Maintaining eye contact is believed to be the most effective strategy for flirting, thus keeping it will undoubtedly let her know that you are interested in her.
Of course, this does not imply you should stare at her and make her feel uncomfortable; instead, look into her eyes for a few seconds, then turn away and make eye contact again.
Make sure she knows you’re paying attention to her and that she feels wanted.

3. Boost your self-esteem

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Men, as previously stated, are hunters who like the excitement of the hunt. To achieve your aim with a girl you like and ‘catch her,’ you must be confident in yourself from the start.
So, if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, you believe your hairstyle is desperate, or you’ve put on a few pounds, take action.
Throw out the dreadful sweater you received as a holiday gift and replace it with a shirt that you enjoy and fits you wonderfully; schedule an appointment at the hairdresser; and feel beautiful in your skin.
That way, if she rejects you, you won’t feel like you’re not good enough; she simply has a different taste.
Still, trust me when I say that the chances of her rejecting you are far lower if you are self-assured and speak to her as if she has no chance of rejecting you.
You must learn to relax when you are nervous in front of the female you like.
Make no minor hand gestures when speaking. You should be aware that fidgeting is never a good thing.

4. Maintain your composure

Do not act deprived during the flirting game. Women despise it. You can, of course, demonstrate your attention and care in some way, but keep your feet on the ground.
Do not act like a lunatic looking for his next victim and willing to go to any length to acquire them.
You like her, she knows it, but don’t go so far as to make her think you contacted her because you couldn’t get any other girl.
If you go to extreme measures to keep her by your side, it will smack of desperation, and desperation is not appealing. Trust me when I say she will RUN the moment she thinks of you in that way.

Maintain Your Composure

5. Keep yourself busy

In other words, lead a normal life. OK, now that you’ve told her you like her and are interested in her, don’t overwhelm her with your feelings.
Attempting to win her over by bothering her will just drive her away. At this point, you should give her some time to think about you before deciding whether or not she wants to see you again.
In other words, carry on with your normal life. Go to work, have dinner with your friends, or go to the gym — whatever it is that you do in your personal life. Demonstrate to her that you are having a good time.
Don’t get me wrong: don’t abandon her. Send her a few messages to let her know you’re thinking about her, but don’t try to force or pressure her into making decisions.


Creative Ideas For Couples

Instead of wasting your time hunting for signals that she isn’t interested in you or sending her dirty talk messages after it’s too late, you should focus on gaining her heart.
If a female you like isn’t interested in you, don’t give up. There are numerous approaches you can take to change this and make her fall madly in love with you.
The most important piece of advice I can provide is to never give up on a woman you like. It may be difficult to gain access to her heart, but you will. You’re going to win her over. All you have to do is be patient enough to wait.
There are two methods for determining how a woman feels about you. The first, and most straightforward, task is to devise a strategy for winning over her friends.
You’ll learn about her dating life if you’re successful in creating trust with her besties. And those things will assist you in attracting her.
The alternative is to become her friend. Gain her trust and demonstrate that you understand her, and she’ll want to be more than friends with you in no time.
Trust her if she says it’s not you, but me. Perhaps she isn’t ready for a relationship.
Perhaps she has been harmed in the past and is still recuperating from it. Be a friend to her and she will appreciate you much more.
Perhaps you aren’t meant to be together right now; no one knows what the future holds. The most important thing is that you tried your hardest and gave it you’re all.
You will have no regrets, and if she isn’t the one, don’t be too disappointed. A woman will appear sooner than you may anticipate.

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