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Is it safe to use nail polish during pregnancy?

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Is there a way you can pamper yourself while you’re pregnant? With the help of a fantastic manicure or pedicure. Is it, however, even safe to wear nail paint while pregnant?

According to a tiny 2016 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10.6% of pregnant women said they don’t wear nail polish when they’re pregnant, primarily because of concerns about the substances in these products. For example, formaldehyde is a common preservative used to harden nail paint; excessive levels of formaldehyde have been linked to miscarriages and fertility issues. Phthalates used to prevent polish from cracking, such as dibutyl phthalate (DBP), may have an effect on the endocrine system.

This may sound frightening, but if you enjoy wearing nail polish, you can probably do so safely while pregnant. While nail paint chemicals can be absorbed into the body through the nail bed, “the exact amount that is absorbed and whether or not this is detrimental remains unknown,” she says. It’s extremely unlikely that these substances will enter a pregnant woman’s bloodstream after being applied to her nails. Of course, more research is needed, but nail paint is regarded as safe to use for those reasons.

Professional manicurists, on the other hand, who are regularly exposed to these chemicals as a result of their occupation, maybe at a higher risk of birth abnormalities. If you’re pregnant and work in a nail salon, adopting protective equipment such as masks and gloves, boosting workplace ventilation, and taking regular breaks for fresh air can all help lower your risk.

Pregnancy safe nail polish

Is It Safe To Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

As previously said, the sort of polish you choose does not have to be a major concern. However, if you haven’t been using a non-toxic polish, you shouldn’t be too concerned,” she adds. “Non-toxic” in this case usually refers to the absence of formaldehyde

Certain polishes, particularly ones marketed as vegan or non-toxic, will use terms like “3-Free,” “5-Free,” “7-Free,” and so on. This is merely a word denoting the absence of specific components in the polish.

The following is a list of the differences between these terms:

“3-Free” solutions, according to Dr. Garshick, do not contain formaldehyde, toluene (a less prevalent solvent), or DBP, which are the most hazardous constituents.

“5-free”: These are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, just like a 3-free formula. They also lack formaldehyde resin and camphor, which, according to Dr. Weitz, can induce allergic contact dermatitis in some persons.

“7-Free” formulas (and up): These formulae often lack ethyl tosylamide (which can cause allergic reactions in certain people) and xylene, in addition to everything in a 5-free recipe which, when inhaled in high volumes, can irritate the eyes and throat. Depending on the product, “8-free,” “10-free,” and other similar formulae will also be free of additional possibly irritating/harmful components.

Vegan: A vegan logo denotes that a product contains no animal-derived ingredients or by-products and was not tested on animals. (Some common nail polish chemicals, such as shellac, are derived from animal secretions, while others, such as carmine, are derived from insects.) This label should not be confused with “plant-based,” which simply denotes that the product contains substances derived from plants. A product that has not been tested on animals is said to be cruelty-free.

Non-toxic: This term is usually used by brands to indicate that their product does not include any compounds that are thought to be potentially dangerous. (This is frequently paired with “3-free” or “5-free” branding in the case of nail paint.) However, keep in mind that this is largely a marketing promise with no legal definition, so take these assertions with a grain of salt.

If you’re heading to the manicure salon while pregnant, here’s what you should know:

Is It Safe To Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

Going to a nail salon for a professional manicure or pedicure while pregnant is normally safe, as is painting your nails. There are, however, a few things to bear in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable manicure.

To begin, Dr. Weitz recommends that you go to a high-quality facility where you know the tools are adequately sanitized to limit your chance of infection. This is true at all times, but it’s especially relevant during pregnancy, when your body may be less able to fight infections (or have more severe symptoms). She also advises against allowing your manicurist to cut your cuticles, as this can lead to infection. If you’re getting a pedicure, choose portable foot tubs rather than the ones built into spa chairs, as the latter might harbor bacteria.

If you’re picky about the type of nail paint you wear while pregnant, ask what the salon has on hand and, if necessary, bring your own. Dr. Weitz recommends keeping your treatment simple as well. “The more extensive the manicure, such as with acrylics and gels, the longer the length and the potential for greater exposure to chemicals and infection,” she explains.

You can decrease your chemical exposure in the following methods, whether you’re a beauty professional or someone who enjoys painting their nails:

– Use a nail polish that is made in the United Kingdom or the European Union and is devoid of harmful chemicals. Look for brands that are 8-free, 10-free, or even 13-free. Water-based, odor-free, and vegan-friendly polishes are available.

– If you work as a nail technician, discuss your health and safety with your boss. Your company has a legal obligation to do a risk assessment of your workplace now that you’re pregnant and to make every reasonable effort to eliminate or mitigate any hazards discovered.

– Avoid getting the polish on your skin or cuticles, as this makes it easier for any chemicals to penetrate into your body.

– Before you apply your nail paint, make sure all doors and windows are open. The best salons will feature downdraught tables or extractor hoods to keep the fumes away from you while you get your nails done properly.

– Stretch your arms apart from your body to dry the polish. Blowing on your nails increases your chances of inhaling pollutants.

Is it safe to use nail polish remover?

You should be able to use nail polish removers safely while pregnant. They frequently contain acetone, which is produced as well as found naturally in our bodies and the environment.

We don’t know if acetone can harm your kid if you’re exposed to substantial amounts of it while pregnant.

If you’re concerned, acetone-free nail polish removers are available. These have the extra benefit of being less drying, which is better for your nails.

Always wash your hands with soap and water after removing nail polish to remove any chemical residues.

Is It Safe To Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy?


It’s your decision, and if you have any concerns about your personal risk, speak with your doctor. “At the end of the day, there’s enough to worry about throughout pregnancy, so do what make you feel the most at ease.” “There are several fantastic brands available if you choose a non-toxic choice,” adds Dr. Garshick.

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