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Uber suggest vs SEMrush – Which is worth your money?

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Ubersuggest vs SEMrush, Which is better for your website?

Two of the most popular SEO tools on the market are SEMrush and Ubersuggest. While SEMrush has been around for over a decade, Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a newer tool that’s swiftly gaining popularity among bloggers, internet marketers, and entrepreneurs.

So, which SEO tool is the most effective?

SEMrush VS. Ubersuggest: An Overview

Semrush Vs Ubersuggest

What exactly is SEMrush?

SEMrush was founded in 2008 by a small group of SEO and IT experts that pooled their resources to create a competitive internet marketing research business. After a decade of testing and improvement, SEMrush has evolved into the world’s leading digital marketing toolbox, preferred by marketing gurus all over the world.

SEMrush is an all-purpose digital marketing tool that may help your site rise in Google search rankings and leave your competition in the dust, from keyword research to link building and everything in between.

While SEMrush provides a free plan, it doesn’t give you access to all of its features and limits you to 10 daily searches. That’s why I encourage signing up for a SEMrush 30-day trial so you can completely explore all of the tool’s features.

What is Ubersuggest and how does it work?

  • Ubersuggest is a well-known SEO tool for keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis.
  • Neil Patel, the online marketing and entrepreneur, bought Ubersuggest in 2017.
  • In the online marketing community, Neil Patel is a divisive figure.
  • For example, here’s a highly critical post on the SEO forum about Neil Patel that explains why other marketers dislike his promotional tactics and content strategy.
  • Despite his naysayers, he has supporters in the community and has developed a sizable online following. He runs one of YouTube’s fastest-growing marketing channels.
  • As a result, the news of Neil Patel’s acquisition of Ubersuggest was met with skepticism.
  • The best part of Ubersuggest is that it is completely free to use. Since Neil Patel came over, the free version of the tool has deteriorated. The free edition is no longer mentioned on their pricing page. However, there is still a lot you can do for free with Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest’s free plan allows you to add a project, track up to 25 keywords, and monitor two competing domains. You get access to all of the tool’s modules, but you are limited to only three daily searches.

After going into your Ubersuggest dashboard, the first thing you should do is add a project. Even if you’re on the free plan, you can do this.

What Is Ubersuggest

Here’s how to do it:

  • Enter your domain and a name for your project by clicking the “Add New Project” button.
  • After that, input the nations or cities where you do business or where you want traffic to come from. You have the option of entering up to three places.
  • You can only add one location to the free plan.
  • Enter the keywords you want to track on the next screen. Ubersuggest will return a list of terms that your site already ranks for, which you can add to your rank tracker.
  • After that, include your competitors. Ubersuggest will once again suggest a few competitors who rank for comparable phrases.
  • Set your tracking preferences next.
  • Then there’s this strange prompt.
  • Once you’ve created a project on Ubersuggest, you’ll have access to all of the app’s features.
  • When you log in to your dashboard, you’ll also see this neat summary of your site.

You can also link Ubersuggest to Google Analytics and Google Search Console to receive a more detailed picture of your site’s traffic and SEO data.

Ubersuggest Features

Ubersuggest, like most SEO tools available online, provides a long number of free alternatives available to customers that can assist them in performing basic SEO analysis. The following is a list of some of Ubersuggest’s most popular features.

Ubersuggest Domain overview

You can use the domain overview tool to look at your domain and see how it’s doing right now. You may also use the domain overview tool to learn about your competitors’ techniques for driving traffic to their websites. It allows you to see what your competitors are doing well and how you might help them.

Top SEO Pages Recommend By Ubersuggest

The top SEO page analysis might assist you to figure out which of your competitors’ pages are ranking well for high-traffic organic keywords. This can assist you to identify what kind of material you need to write to get a lot of traffic.

This is a useful feature because it allows you to get additional details about the specific pages that your competitors utilize to attract traffic. You may even get details on the particular phrases that drive visitors, as well as their Google ranking. If that wasn’t enough, you can also examine where their backlinks come from. Ubersuggest is a fantastic, high-value function.

Ubersuggest Features

Keyword Suggestions From Ubersuggest

The keyword recommendation tool can assist you in determining the ideal main terms to target as well as long-tail phrases with reduced competition and easier ranking potential. The keyword volume trends, CPC, ranking difficulties, and SEO level difficulty may all be seen.

This is an excellent feature of the program that allows you to discover which keywords are doing well for your competition and which you should avoid. It doesn’t go into as much detail as other tools, but it might assist you in making fundamental keyword decisions.

Content Ideas From Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest’s content ideas area may show you the top-ranking pages for any phrase you’re interested in. It gives you an estimate of how many monthly visitors a specific webpage for a particular keyword receives, as well as the backlink profile.

This is a fantastic approach to acquiring ideas for the type of content you should generate for your website to increase traffic. The disadvantage is that the accuracy of this part isn’t very trustworthy because it doesn’t fully account for variations in traffic to those pages.

Ubersuggest gives you access to a wealth of information about a website’s backlink structure. You can see how many backlinks the website has gained and how many it has lost over time. This is useful in terms of giving you an idea of where you might earn relevant links from.

You can see how the backlinks are arranged in the material that the website uses.

Certain sorts of links have more SEO juice than others, and knowing this might assist you to decide how to focus your backlinks. You can also see the exact anchor text they’re targeting, as well as the first time the connection was detected.

The backlink tool gives you a lot of information about a website’s backlink profile, as well as a lot of other useful backlink targeting information that can help you figure out how your competitors are organizing their link-building profiles.

Backlink Data From Ubersuggest

If that wasn’t enough, Ubersuggest also lets you perform a full site audit, allowing you to thoroughly examine each component of your website to ensure that it is healthy and well-structured.

If your website has any faults, the site audit will identify them for you, along with the SEO impact they have on your site.

The site audit tool is quite useful for identifying SEO and website-related issues that may be affecting your ranking. The ability of this tool to show you how these flaws affect your website’s rating is an area where it may be improved.

Ubersuggest Pricing

The majority of the time, users can get away with utilizing Ubersuggest for free. The paid version is considered ideal for you if you want more sophisticated services such as training and assistance, rank tracking, competition analysis, and constructing custom keyword and SEO projects.

Overall, the rate is reasonable and reasonable if you are just getting started with SEO. The main drawback is that their plan restricts you to a maximum of three projects per day, although other SEO tools allow for considerably more.

Features of SEMrush

When compared to Ubersuggest, SEMrush is a monster of a tool.

It includes a variety of tools to assist you in managing all aspects of maintaining and building a successful website. SEMrush is divided into five primary layers, each with its unique set of tools.

  • Toolkit for SEO
  • Toolkit for Advertising
  • Toolkit for Social Media
  • Toolkit for Content Marketing
  • Toolkit for Competitive Research

Each of these toolkits has its unique set of components that allow you to go in-depth with your study to acquire an advantage over your competition. Because of all the features and services available through SEMrush, you might spend hours upon hours examining data.

You can also design your SEO dashboard to meet your specific requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the functionalities behind Ubersuggest’s SEO Toolkit, as it doesn’t even offer half of the additional tools that SEMrush does.

SEMrush SEO Toolkit

 The SEO toolkit enables you to do a comprehensive SEO study on any website. Some of the most important aspects of the SEO toolkit are listed below.

Competitive Analysis – Keyword Research –  Link Building Analysis – Rank Tracking On-Page and Technical SEO – Project Management and Reporting

Features Of Semrush

Competitive Research via SEMrush

The section on competitive research starts with a high-level overview of a domain of your choice. It has a far more comprehensive and appealing dashboard than Ubersuggest.

  • It allows you to see websites that are direct competitors of the one you’re looking at, and it even generates a competitive positioning map so you can see where each website ranks graphically.
  • This is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • In the same dashboard, you can get a clear analysis of a website’s backlink profile, including data that Ubersuggest does not provide, such as the percentage of backlink kinds.
  • This helps you to examine how effective backlink diversity is for competitors and how diverse the backlink diversity structure of websites is. It’s essentially a comprehensive examination of a website’s backlink strategy.
  • The Keyword Gap tool and the Backlink Gap tool are two noteworthy SEmrush capabilities that Ubersuggest does not have.
  • These tools allow you to discover keywords and backlinks that you may be overlooking, which can help you increase traffic and enhance your ranking.
  • SEMrush’s Competitive Research section is extremely detailed, and using it properly requires at least a basic understanding of SEO. It’s incredibly extensive, but if you’re just getting started, it might be time-consuming. When it comes to keyword and backlink analysis, it might help you gain a significant advantage over your competitors.
Competitive Research

Keyword Research with SEMrush

SEMrush’s keyword research tool is incredibly comprehensive and detailed. You can examine each component of a keyword to determine whether or not it should be targeted. This includes the following:

  • The number of searches
  • Rating of keyword difficulty
  • Click-through-rate
  • Unique keyword SERP attributes, global volume
  • It also allows you to create a custom list of keyword variations, queries, and other phrases connected to your main keyword.
  • The keyword magic tool is another really useful feature of the SEMrush keyword research process. It provides you with access to a large keyword database to assist you in determining the most successful keyword for your content.
  • The keyword magic tool is fantastic for researching specialized themes and long-tail keywords that can help you rank quickly. This tool is far more complex than Ubersuggest’s keyword research area.

SEMrush keyword research enables you to acquire a better grasp of a keyword’s true value as well as identify the best keywords to target. You may also look at keyword variations and queries to see if you can come up with even better keywords to target. Furthermore, if you plan on running paid ads, you can obtain a sense of the advertising value of the terms.

The link-building component of SEMrush allows you to see a website’s whole backlink profile, down to the specific anchor utilized. This is an area where Ubersuggest falls short and might require some work. With SEMrush’s link-building tool, you may see:

  • Referring domains
  • The number of hyperlinks connecting to the domain you’ve chosen.
  • Unique Referring IPs
  • The different forms of backlinks are broken below.
  • Various link properties
  • Top anchors have been used.

Although some of these tools are available in Ubersuggest, you won’t be able to explore them as thoroughly as you can with SEMrush.

SEMrush also allows you to conduct a thorough backlink audit, which Ubersuggest does not provide. The backlink audit tool is useful since it may help you examine your domain’s backlink profile and identify any poisonous backlinks that may be pointing to your site.

SEMrush’s backlink analytics and tools are highly useful because they provide unrivaled analysis and integrate with Google Search Console and Google Analytics to provide you with truly up-to-date and accurate data. Because you can’t integrate Google Analytics or the Google Search Console with Ubersuggest, you can’t trust all of the data you see there.

CONCLUSION Ubersuggest Vs SEmrush: Which is Better?

Semrush Vs. Ubersuggest: Which Is Better?

It’s clear which SEO tool you should invest in based on my in-depth examination of these two solutions. Any day of the week, I’d recommend Semrush.

Ubersuggest, on the other hand, is a fantastic free tool for fundamental SEO research.

Ubersuggest is ideal if you’re new to SEO or just starting off with a new blog because it’s not too expensive. Ubersuggest is one of the most cost-effective SEO solutions on the market, with monthly costs starting at $12.

It’s a terrific tool to invest in if you’re running a side hustle or a small business with a limited budget for marketing research tools because it’s simple to use and covers the big three SEO functions (keyword research, backlink analysis, and technical SEO audit) in an affordable bundle.

However, Ubersuggest is only useful for basic SEO research.

Advanced functionalities are required for serious SEO effort, which Ubersuggest currently lacks.

So, if you’re serious about getting your pages to the top of Google, you’ll need to spend a little more money on a powerful marketing tool like Semrush

It’s a terrific tool to invest in if you’re running a side hustle operation or a small business with a limited budget for marketing research tools because it’s simple to use and covers the big three SEO functions (keyword research, backlink analysis, and technical SEO audit) in an affordable bundle.

Ubersuggest, on the other hand, is only useful for fundamental SEO research.

Advanced functionalities, which Ubersuggest now lacks, are required for serious SEO effort.

If you want your pages to reach the top of Google, you’ll need to invest a little more in a powerful marketing tool like Semrush.

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