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What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to? – 14 Things you need to know

by Nadine
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What kind of lady does an alpha male prefer? Who is this man’s equal in life, to the point where he falls in love with her and wants her to be by his side forever?

The alpha male personifies the natural leader and provider. He’s the guy who everyone wants to befriend and who everyone seeks validation from. At the end of the day, the alpha is always the pack’s leader.

He’s also the kind of man that many women desire in their life.

Beta men are also intriguing; we require them for the system to function properly. Women, on the other hand, always prefer the confident man who has his fears under control.

A truly alpha male is extremely rare and difficult to come by. Men are not known for their assertiveness.

These natural leaders desire something else than a modest and timid woman.

I’m going to presume you’re well-versed in alpha male characteristics. So let’s speak about what kind of women an alpha male is attracted to.

1. She is loving and nice

She Is Loving And Nice

Before we go any farther, we must first address the most significant component of her personality. Alpha won’t even look your way if you’re not kind, kind, and caring.

You can demonstrate your kindness by how you speak to a waiter or how you treat senior people. You’re simply not beautiful when you’re rude and filled with hatred for everything and everyone.

The alpha guy worked extremely hard to become the person he is today. Even though he’s the alpha, he’s a good guy who looks after everyone around him. People would dislike him if he were unpleasant or abusive.

2. She is devoted to the point of obsession

When you talk to a person who is the leader of his circle of friends, you’re talking to the most loyal man ever. He’s the type of guy who would never deceive or belittle somebody for any reason.

As a result, you must grasp the significance of loyalty to him.

Nowadays, there are a lot of want-to-be alphas who are nothing more than the loudest men in the room. They call themselves leaders (although they are far from it) and invariably end up cheating on their women or even fooling their followers.

That is not an alpha. That’s a wolf dressed as a sheep

A true alpha guy would go to any length to defend people he cares about. He’s a true man with the self-assurance to say “no” to a lady who makes moves on him when he’s in a relationship.

For this reason, he requires a female who is as devoted to him as he is to her.

3. She is concerned with her appearance

An alpha male is drawn to the type of woman who cares about her looks. However, this does not imply that her primary concern in life is her appearance.

Her thinking, on the other hand, is more essential. That being stated, how can a lady who ignores her beauty be appealing to a man who takes care of himself? He doesn’t just sit in his office for days without taking a bath. He looks the part, clothes appropriately, and smells like the man of your fantasies.

That is why, if you want to attract a man like that, you must also take care of yourself. Take care of your hygiene, wear perfume, and dress in elegant clothes that make you appear sophisticated.

When someone looks after themselves, it shows that they are prepared to look after their relationship. This is critical since you two must work as a team.

4. She is self-assured

A lady who lacks confidence will only bring an alpha man down. He doesn’t need an insecure girl who is envious and attempts to dominate him.

He’s loyal to a fault, he’s compassionate and caring, therefore if you’re insecure, it won’t help your connection. He desires someone with a healthy sense of self-esteem — someone who recognizes how lovely, gorgeous, and intelligent she is.

Everyone, of course, has their moments. We’ve all had days when we don’t feel like we’re good enough. On those days, he’ll be there to catch you and remind you how beautiful you are.

But he can’t always carry your insecurities. Confident guys are drawn to confident women. That’s why it’s often said that an alpha guy is always drawn to an alpha female.

If you have a lot of insecurities, you should start working on them right away because you won’t be able to attract an alpha if you don’t.

5. She is highly bright

She Is Highly Bright

An alpha’s attention is drawn not only by his or her appearance and confidence.

You may be wondering what kind of lady an alpha is drawn to. The intellectual type, that is. The lady who enjoys reading books and watching documentaries. A woman who is constantly up for a new intellectual challenge.

Intelligence is appealing. Yes, having someone gorgeous by your side is always good, but it means nothing if you can’t maintain a conversation with them.

He wants a lady who can make him doubt his brilliance. An alpha male wants someone by his side who isn’t afraid to learn about the topics he enjoys so they can chat about them. He will not be able to brush off your attempts.

You can have all the beauty in the world, but if you can’t hold your position in a heated debate over something, he won’t spend much time with you.

6. She is self-assured

She Is Self-Assured

Something is enticing about a woman who knows how to express herself.

Being forceful entails far more than simply fighting and shouting. An alpha woman understands that it simply means standing up for what she believes to be right.

Women that don’t know what they want in life and allow everyone to walk all over them are the types of women alpha males are not drawn to.

She does not allow anyone to interrupt her when she is speaking, and she does not tolerate anyone raising their voices at her. She understands that matters may be addressed amicably and that there is no need not to be civil.

An alpha finds appealing a female who knows how to ask for what she wants and who does not back down when challenged.

7. She is extremely motivated

She Is Extremely Motivated

One of the most noticeable characteristics of an alpha male is his drive.

For this reason, he seeks a driven woman. If at all possible, he’d like to find someone with even more drive than he has.

This suggests she is capable of pursuing her objectives and dreams, and she never abandons her intentions.

For example, are you still pursuing your degree? That’s appealing to an alpha male. He’s looking for a girl who will devote time to self-improvement.

Consider someone whose sole ambition in life was to become a housewife. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it, but an alpha would like to be with a girl who has goals outside of the home.

His companion’s life should be as exciting as his. If she’s going to prioritize her house and family, she should try to perform some work from home. Not because of the money, but because he doesn’t want a woman whose sole decision each day is what to eat.

8. She has a list of life objectives that she wishes to achieve

She Has A List Of Life Objectives That She Wishes To Achieve

Are you the type of woman that an alpha guy seeks, and what do your ambitions have to do with it?

What are your life objectives? Do you want to graduate, get your driver’s license, and start your own business by the age of 25? What are your company’s future steps? Are you considering authoring a book?

Is there anything important you want to accomplish in life that he should be aware of?

Please tell him everything! Anything that demonstrates to him that you have a plan for your life that does not make him feel like he is the only one working to make a better life for both of you. This way, you’ll always have something to chat about, and he’ll see that you’re making an effort.

You could even try to do something as a group. Make a timeline of your life. I know it appears as if you’re developing a business strategy for your relationship, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It may just as easily be your method of making things more enjoyable for the both of you.


An alpha male has spent his entire life being aggressively chased. So, to stand out from the pack, you must master the skill of piquing his interest without following him. Playing hard to get may aid your cause, but be careful not to overdo it.

Whatever you do or avoid, be sure you don’t stray too far from your true self. Be true to yourself. In the end, this is what determines your life’s success.

Projecting a false picture of oneself may get you what you want in the short run, but it is not sustainable in the long run.

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