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When your husband calls another woman beautiful – What to do?

by Nadine
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Are you envious of another lady in your husband’s daily life?

Do you feel insecure when you know he’s spending time with her?

Perhaps you’re looking for tips on how to deal with these emotions.

Many wives contact us to find out what they are doing wrong since their husbands are talking to other women and they believe it is acceptable.

But the husband doesn’t notice it since he thinks his wife is just envious or exaggerating things.

Here are what you should do:

1. Participate in the Discussion

Be confident if you approach your spouse when he is talking to someone else. Decide to rise above the circumstance and simply participate in the discourse. Introduce yourself to the other woman and tell her who you are (his wife).

This way, you won’t make a big deal out of it, and you can just tell your spouse about it later.

2. Don’t accuse him of anything until you have all of the facts

Don't accuse him of anything until you have all of the facts

It’s a good idea not to make any accusations until you have all of the facts. Were you able to catch your spouse chatting to someone else in person, or was it through social media? Maybe she didn’t realize he had a wife; when women hear that the person they’re chatting to is married, they typically back off. Are they only buddies with them, or does he have feelings for them?

You should question him about his relationship with this woman who is not his wife. Is it a friendship or a professional relationship? If it’s something minor that doesn’t endanger you as a wife, you can just discuss it with him.

Inquire with him if anything else is going on that you should be aware of. He’ll be a lot more inclined to open up about it this way.

3. Ignore the situation until you have more information

You don’t have to be bothered by anything if it isn’t bothering you right now. Is his talking to other females interfering with your marriage? Is it interfering with your sex life or something? Do you feel estranged from one another right now? If you give negative replies to those questions, your marriage may be in trouble.

If you responded yes to the questions above, your husband’s connections with other women are impacting your relationship with each other. Describe to him the aspects of your wifehood that you miss.

What do you believe a wife requires in a marriage? Are your requirements being met?

Explain to your spouse what is wrong and how you believe his conversations with other women are affecting this. Tell him how you believe a wife should be treated, and ask him whether he believes he is treating you in that manner. This is an open and honest approach for a female to tell her husband how she truly feels about the marriage.

4. Don’t try to create anything out of nothing

It is up to you, as a wife, to decide how this will affect you. Take your time studying the circumstance; what exactly does it signify to you? If you are hurt by what has occurred, you should speak frankly with your spouse about it. If that’s how you feel, explain that as a wife, you believe he should treat you with greater respect.

On the one hand, you want to be upfront and honest when something bothers you, but on the other hand, you don’t want to start by making a huge deal out of nothing.

5. Keep in mind that she could just be a friend

Your spouse could have simply met a new coworker or been having an innocent talk with someone; you’ll never know unless you ask him. Just keep an open mind about what’s going on; you don’t want to pass judgment on other women if their relationships are innocent and meaningless.

6. Master Your Emotions

master your emotions

Do you have a sense that you are being deceived in some way? Is your rage boiling over because your husband talks to other women? One intelligent thing you could do is to regulate your emotions. Don’t let them influence you. You’ve certainly faced numerous obstacles like these as a wife, right? How did you handle them?

You’ve probably kept your cool, right? You don’t want to embarrass yourself by becoming enraged with your spouse and yelling at him in front of a bunch of people for conversing with another woman, do you? It could be completely innocent; you never know until you have the information from your partner.

What has your spouse done to violate your marital vows, or how has he treated you as if you were a lesser wife? Allow yourself a moment if you believe your feelings and emotions need to be heard. Take the time you need to organize your thoughts before speaking with your spouse about his interactions with other women and how this activity affects you.

7. Express Your Thoughts and Feelings to Him

express your thoughts and feelings to him

You may be open and honest with your partner now that you have collected your thoughts and feelings. Tell him exactly what’s on your mind. Do you believe he is improper with other women or has he done something unique with one woman that has irritated you? Speak your mind, but keep it to facts and current events, not the past.

8. Be on the lookout for signs of cheating

If you feel that there is more going on, you should have proof that other women are in his life. If you have evidence of his participation with other women, you should speak with him and possibly propose going to counseling, especially if his affairs with other women continue. He may be reluctant to cease cheating.

8. Be on the lookout for signs of cheating

9. Establish Healthy Boundaries

If you’ve learned that your spouse is having an affair or many affairs with other women, you may need some alone time. Consult your doctor to determine whether you have any STDs. Give yourself a spa day as well. You deserve it; give yourself a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, or whatever else you think you deserve.

10. Improve Your Marriage’s Intimacy

As a wife, you share equal responsibility for your marriage with your husband. You might want to consider the connection you’ve recently enjoyed with each other. Do you believe you have a strong tie, or has your relationship been deteriorating? Consider how strong your relationship is and whether or not you might benefit from counseling.

11. Think About Getting Marriage Counseling

As previously said, seeking the guidance of a knowledgeable marriage counselor or therapist is vital. It might be advantageous for the two of you to seek the counsel of a third party. You may be surprised by his or her recommendations and ideas, which you would never have considered on your own. Isn’t it worthwhile to give it a shot?

Think About Getting Marriage Counseling


Are you a wife who is now in a terrible situation? Do you fear your husband is having an affair with another woman? As a wife, take the time to talk to your husband about what’s going on and how you’re feeling. Leave a comment and tell us what do you think?

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