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Top 15 YouTube Shorts Ideas to Get More Views

by Nadine
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YouTube is seeking a large share of the short-form video content market.

With the popularity of Tiktok and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts has become the most straightforward way to increase brand interaction. Once you’ve mastered YouTube shorts, you may increase your subscription count and views. The best part is that it’s not as time-consuming as making YouTube videos. However, you must understand that establishing concepts that will consistently offer exceptional content will aid your success. And on any video-oriented platform, consistency is essential for increasing engagement, optimizing traffic, and monetizing content.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of popular YouTube Shorts ideas to help you acquire more views and subscribers, as well as create viral content that will help you grow your business.

1. Make a YouTube shorts video of the before and after.

Before and after videos have been popular since the dawn of video production and will continue to be so. A before and after YouTube shorts idea is not only entertaining but also helps you demonstrate how your product works. The beauty of this concept is that it can be applied to a wide range of niches as long as your product or service has a clearly defined outcome.

If you’re a hair-care company, for example, you may easily demonstrate a test subject’s hair before and after using your product, as shown in the example below. All you need are two independent photographs, one of the before and one of them after. Make sure the results are displayed so the audience can understand them. What’s the best part? All of this takes less than 10 seconds!

2. Examine the Product’s Advantages

Youtube Shorts Ideas

What is the ideal strategy for creating awareness for your product as a brand influencer, business owner, or creator? Making an engaging and informative film about it.

YouTube users range from those looking for informative content to those who enjoy amusing videos, giving it an ideal platform for promoting your goods.

Create an engaging YouTube Shorts film that includes a listicle of your product’s benefits.

Let’s say you created an app that helps people rest correctly; a 45-second YouTube Shorts film can readily explain its benefits.

You can develop videos that assist your visitors beyond the limitations of your business offerings to keep your YouTube channel‘s audience engaged. However, make sure that the video content is relevant to your industry. The latest news and trends are a fantastic YouTube shorts idea for accomplishing this. Start by researching the most popular niche topics when deciding which trends to create a video about. The following step is to include them in your article.

Let’s pretend your YouTube channel is about fashion. You may make the most popular YouTube mini video for your audience.

You may boost the pace at which your viewers relate to your brand and build lifelong loyalty with a sixty-second or less film.

Investigate The Most Recent News And Trends

4. Short Tutorial and Interesting Hacks

  • Tutorials, DIYs, and hacks have long been a source of content for brand influencers and digital marketers.
  • This is because they never run out of ideas, and their listeners benefit as well.
  • Short tutorials are the most effective technique to remove a product’s unnecessary complexities. This concept can be used to demonstrate how a product operates, as well as hidden functionality.
  • Use captions to draw attention to each level of the tutorial.
  • Starting with a problem statement and an immediate and efficient solution is a good place to start. This is the foundation of useful information that your audience will value.
Short Tutorial And Interesting Hacks

5. Share a Fun Fact Mini-Vlog

Mini-vlogs are quite entertaining. They might assume any shape. As a brand influencer or creator, you may, for example, publish a video of your daily activities.

A basic product review is another example. Mini-vlogs are a terrific method to get your audience’s attention. As a result, they make a fantastic YouTube Shorts concept.

Another advantage is that they are quite easy to make. You’ll need video clips from your smartphone that have been compiled or edited with popular music.

The result will be a visually beautiful video that will pique your subscribers’ interest.

6. Use YouTube Shorts Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the cornerstone of social evidence in our digital economy. You can use this to your advantage by giving your customers a voice. This is a YouTube Shorts strategy. It’s an excellent method to incorporate user-generated content while also enhancing your brand’s credibility and authenticity in the eyes of your customers.

7. Examine the facts and myths about your company.

Has there been any misinformation spread about your company, product, or industry? To address them, create a YouTube Shorts video. This is a great method for informing your audience about what is true and what is false. It has the potential to raise brand recognition. This strategy will help highlight your assets and increase audience loyalty.

8. Interesting Facts About Your Industry

What distinguishes you as an expert or authority in your field? By providing new information or explaining things from your point of view. You may incorporate this into a YouTube Shorts concept since it will help you establish credibility and your audience will see you as knowledgeable. Furthermore, it is an excellent technique to raise brand recognition that is free of any salesmanship. Presenting a short listicle on any topic related to your industry or business is an excellent method to do this. Assume you own a fitness company. You could create a YouTube Shorts video explaining three facts regarding morning exercise. It will ring true with your viewers who are interested in being active, as well as demonstrate your knowledge and competence.

Interesting Facts Videos About Your Industry

9. Reuse Longer Content

This is an excellent idea, especially if you already have a YouTube channel. It saves you time and energy while also keeping your audience interested. This method works just as well for those who don’t make videos but write “lengthy” content like papers, memoirs, op-eds, and blog posts. Excerpts from these types of articles can easily be reused in your YouTube Shorts video. Because we live in an attention economy, presenting reliable data to your audience without boring them is a sensible strategy.

10. Story Videos give your brand a human face.

Even though the tale is about a brand, it resonates with everyone. Sharing a humorous, moving, or emotional narrative that connects the viewer to your core brand values is a clever YouTube Shorts concept. This would undoubtedly aid your audience in forging a deep bond with your channel.

You can make a short movie on events that are relevant to your company. Your audience must be able to relate to it.

Assume you’re a mattress brand influencer; a realistic topic you may base your film on is back pain from napping in the wrong position or a disrupted sleep session, for example.

Remember that you only have a minute to communicate your message, so keep it short while still engaging with your audience.

11. Video of Unboxing

Unboxing videos are a great YouTube Shorts video idea if you’re a brand influencer. Those videos are extremely effective for YouTube product promotion because they provide a lighthearted and enthusiastic review of the goods and packaging.

This is essential for providing a fantastic experience for your audience and can help to improve your brand’s perception.

12. Animal Activities Videos for Kids

On social media, pets are always described as “cute” and “beautiful.” They can also be amusing. They can perform, jump, and engage in enjoyable activities on command if properly trained.

These lovely critters are full of joy and enthusiasm; use YouTube Shorts to entertain your viewers by exhibiting their antics. This will undoubtedly brighten someone’s day.

Animal Activities For Kids

13. Competition for Laughs

There is a desire to win in every competition. People will be interested in it if you take it to the next level. So, where do we go from here?

Create a YouTube Shorts video competition that will appeal to your audience and encourage them to participate.

14. Typical Adventures Videos

Everyone’s life has enough drama, triumphs, and unexpected changes. How about turning some of these occurrences into a YouTube Shorts concept? You can record events in your home, neighborhood, or place of business.

So go around and prepare to capture some of these moments for your viewers. You can make a 60-second series to maintain a level of consistency.

15. Strange Music

The soothing tones of running water, raindrop splashes, and the whistling sound of swaying palm trees are soothing.

This sound is really popular on YouTube. So, look around your environment for methods to generate beautiful music with these strange sounds.

It’s a great idea for your YouTube Shorts video, and it’ll appeal to your audience.

The final word

YouTube is the world’s largest video-oriented platform, and with the launch of the YouTube Shorts channel, it’s poised to become a go-to destination for entertaining, interesting, and viral content.

There are trillions of views on YouTube Shorts videos, and that number isn’t going down anytime soon. This is a chance you should not pass up as a business, brand influencer, or online personality.

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