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How to tell if a YouTube video is monetized?

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With billions of daily visits and video views, YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites on the planet. It’s also one of the most popular venues for online creators looking to make the most money from their work.

YouTube made it simple via the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP), which allows you to monetize your videos after meeting certain criteria. So, how can you know if a YouTube video or channel has been monetized?

How can you tell if a YouTube video or channel is monetized?

Because YouTube now puts advertising on non-monetized videos as well, there’s no easy way to identify if someone else’s video or channel is monetized without using a YouTube API.

YouTube Studio, on the other hand, allows you to set up and track monetization for your channel and videos.

You can’t detect if a video or a channel is monetized by using an API tool, but you can figure it out. It will tell you whether or not a video can show in-stream advertising, and if it can, it is monetized. Let’s dig a little deeper into YouTube monetization to see how it works and why so many creators are vying for a piece of the pie.

Are YouTube videos monetized automatically?

Are Youtube Videos Monetized Automatically?

Before the significant changes to YouTube’s monetization standards in 2018, your channel was eligible for revenue after it had surpassed 10,000 views. To be eligible for monetization, you must now have at least a thousand subscribers and twelve thousand view hours created.

It does not, however, happen automatically. If you wish to monetize your videos, you must join the YouTube Partnership Program. You may access YouTube Studio’s Monetization tab from the left-hand menu. With a subscription and view hours counter, it will show you how far your channel has progressed.

YouTube will send you an email when you meet the monetization eligibility requirements once you sign up. After that, you’ll be able to create your YPP account and start monetizing your movies. You cannot monetize videos that were uploaded before you joined the partnership program.

You must turn on and off monetization for each video and follow YouTube’s monetization restrictions. You’ll be able to enable monetization for each video when you post it. You can make monetization a default in the general settings if you want to monetize all videos.

Is a YouTube video monetized if it has ads?

Ads were the best predictor of whether a YouTube video was monetized or not before the major changes in 2018. Following the modifications, YouTube now displays advertisements on all videos, regardless of whether they are monetized or not. The only difference is whether the money goes to YouTube or the video’s producer.

So, just because you see an ad while watching a YouTube video doesn’t guarantee the video is monetized. Your films will show adverts even if you haven’t met the partnership program’s conditions. You won’t be paid for the advertisements unless you join the YPP, though.

This is a major setback for new channels because YouTube effectively grabs 100% of the profit from their efforts. If you match the partnership criteria, though, you’ll have a lot more control over the types of adverts that appear in your films.

You can choose whether or not to allow particular sorts of adverts to appear in your movies, and you can achieve the ideal balance between monetization and audience enjoyment. As a result, you can ban non-skippable advertising and only allow those that your visitors can skip. However, you will receive less money for each ad seen if you do so, so see what works best for you.

How Can You Tell If Your YouTube Channel Is Profitable?

How Can You Tell If Your Youtube Channel Is Profitable

To monetize your channel, you must first meet the monetization criteria. Initially, it was 10,000 views across all of your channel videos. After that, YouTube modified it to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view time, and subsequently to 12 000 hours of watch time.

Your channel will remain unmonetized if you hit such numbers without applying for the YPP. You can apply for monetization directly after you build the channel by going to YouTube Studio’s Monetization tab and following the instructions.

After you’ve satisfied the 1000 subs/12000 hours monetization standards, YouTube will send you an email with details on how to set up your YPP account. You can check your status on the Monetization page at any moment to see if you’ve reached eligibility.

How Can You Tell If Your YouTube Video Is Earning Money?

You can monetize each new video you submit if your channel fulfills the monetization standards. However, you’ll have to enable monetization for each video separately (or make it a default setting through the general settings).

You have a choice in terms of monetization. Ads are the most frequent kind of monetization, but there are other choices as well.

For example, you can monetize a video by designating it Paid content, which means that viewers will have to pay a set fee to watch it. It’s not ideal for every video, but it’s ideal if you want to offer “premium material.”

Go to the My videos page in YouTube Studio to see if a specific YouTube video is monetized. A little $ symbol appears next to each uploaded video. If the symbol is green, you will be compensated for your video. If it’s yellow, you’re still getting paid for it, but you haven’t made enough money to cash out yet. You’re not monetizing the video if it’s dark grey (“shut off”).

Either the video breaks one or more of the monetization policies, or you haven’t enabled it. It’s also possible that you posted the video before joining the YPP, making it monetization-ineligible.

What Are the Best Ways to Find Monetized YouTube Videos?

What Are The Best Ways To Find Monetized Youtube Videos?

To target your marketing strategy, you may need to identify monetized YouTube videos. You may want your ad to be associated with and displayed on that video, or you may have another reason for wanting to know whether or not another video is monetized.

Apart from the options I mentioned in the last chapter, there is no automatic way to check or search for monetized videos. However, determining whether a YouTube video is monetized is easier than you might think, and in most situations, you won’t even need any special tools.

If a channel has far beyond the partnership qualifying requirements (for example, 10,000 subscribers and tens of thousands of views), it will almost always monetize its videos. If you observe a video with a large number of views but a channel with fewer than 1000 subscribers, you can assume that the video is not monetized despite its popularity.

The only area that remains uncertain is borderline channels that appear to have only recently met the partnership criteria. If you need to know whether or not they’re monetizing their films, use an API tool or simply ask them if you’re conducting research; they’ll usually respond respectfully and without difficulty.



Having a YouTube channel is an incredible accomplishment. Over the years, YouTube content providers have provided excellent content, establishing YouTube as a hub with free content from many walks of life.

YouTube has shown to be useful and resourceful for high school kids, college students and graduates, professionals, religious groups, political groups, science, and research individuals. As a result, content providers from many walks of life are required. The Google Ads program was created to compensate them. These content makers were given the task of pushing their content creation magic even farther, to improve and serve high-quality content to their fans while still earning money.

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